Anime Index


Search Online

This allows user to explore Anime and its details or add to the offline database.

Offline Search Filters

Get specific Anime from the offline database by using search filters.

Set own score and status

This allows users to give an own score for each Anime. (The Video Tracker will mostly take care of updating the user status.)

Scan Local Folders

This is a certainly convenient method to add Anime to the Index’s database. This will scan the folders and search the approximate Anime results from Online. Location of scanned Anime folder will be linked with the selected Anime from Result.

Re-scan the folders

By using this feature, moved or broken location of Anime can be restored.


This feature will allow the users to create their own list such as “My favorite List”, “Starter Pack”, “Loli List”, etc…


Copy an Anime to chosen location.

List Copy

Easily copy listed Anime to a friend’s HDD or other location.

Exporting Lists

Other users can view or add the list you made. (extension – “.anidex”)

.sgl Extension

A Single File of a certain Anime information which can be viewed by a portable App version. Clicking “OK” button will update (or add if anime is not yet in the database) the location of Anime from database.

Gadget (Video Monitor)


Note: Users need to choose the .exe of your most used video player in order to track the videos. Even though most of video players are supported there are some that do not support such as PowerDVD or Window Media Player.

Tracking Anime

It continuously tracks the videos user playing and notify the user which episode of what Anime is currently playing.

Update watched episodes

It also updates watched episodes to database so that user can know how many episodes they have watched or resume back later.

Auto Detect Anime

If the location of video which user playing hasn’t linked to Anime in database, it will notify the user. User can add current playing video location to recommended Anime by clicking the pop-up notification.

Tracking Back Broken Path

The saved path of an Anime can be changed by accidently moving or renaming the folder. It will notify the user to fix the path when a video from the broken path is played. Can b fixed it by clicking notification message.

Quick Resume

Resume the last watched anime by clicking the notification icon showed after window startup or by clicking on resume button from gadget.

Watching Random

Can’t decide what to watch? Let Index choose some for you!

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